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Experience Preservation

Experience, unlike knowledge, is acquired through execution of tasks, after which it is tacitly stored and remain ineffable till it is prompted by a related event. 

The brain manages experience, knowledge, and information quite differently, and are compartmentally processed, and retrieved through a Prompt-Response process. 

Interestingly, the stimulus for experience is concept, and the response from the experience compartment manifest itself into insights.

To extract a wide range of experience, we designed a generic conceptual prism to structurally refracts any subject into its conceptual components, which in turn can stimulate the dormant experience related to the subject.  These rejuvenated in-context experience when ontologically organised, form the experiential insights of the subject, a product that very few could match without using this tool.

The rejuvenated experience can then be used for coherent and transformative solutions and experience of the team shared and preserved.

Innovation in Experience Preservation

Introducing EMAReX – the solution to the challenge of preserving the experience of those with a wealth of pioneering experience. With EMAReX, teams can make their experiences come alive, generating experiential insights that can be used for better decision-making processes.


Experiential Transformative Solutons

Multiple perspectives are necessary for better problem-solving because they provide a more complete and nuanced understanding of a situation or problem. By considering different viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge, we can identify blind spots and limitations in our own thinking and develop more creative and effective solutions.


Experiential Coherent Decisions

Our innovative approach to strategic decision-making is designed to fully extract the diverse experiences of your team and organize them in a coherent manner. 


Transfer Experience

A breakthrough new method for capturing employee experience. Our innovative method uses a conceptual prism to stimulate the dormant experience related to any subject, providing a comprehensive and accurate picture of employee experience. By leveraging the full potential of your employees, you can maintain your competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.


Team Experience

Our solution helps companies unleash the full potential of their team's collective experience, enabling them to make groundbreaking decisions with ease.

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