Unshackle the mind through recursive re-framing and re-conceptualising to gain insights, knowledge and understanding. EMARFER is an integrative approach that guides and stretches the mind to re-examine the fundamentals and foundational issues.

The Dependency Frame comprising of seven interdependent conceptual functional layers is designed to explore the Unknown Unknowns. The performance of the higher layer is dependent on the proper operation of the lower layer. This fixed dependency context in each of the layers forces the users out of their comfort zone. Users systematically mine beyond the known-knowns into the unknown-unknowns domain.

Each conceptual layer is then expanded into physical instances; each a new Dependency Node with its own seven conceptual layers. Although rapidly branching into divergent contexts, the emerging Dependency Network retains the inter-dependency, thus constructing a complex multi-dimensional inter-related tapestry of rarely visited thought and fresh reasonings.

The recursive alternating between the physical and the conceptual purposefully injects non-conformity and diversity into a process of thinking to break its logical sequence and this enables the user to shift laterally from one context or pattern of thought into another so as to see things differently.

The rapidly expanding Dependency Network creates a tapestry platform weaving together divergent content and contexts that pushes the thinking envelope to discover valuable new insights, unknown knowledge and understanding inherent assumptions made.

EMARFER empowers the user to be bigger than what they are mentally.