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EMAReX is a tool to extract experiences to then reconstruct into a proper re-usable form of a coherent insight.


Tool to extract experience

EMAReX is a tool that we developed to extract experiences from an individual or a team to then reconstruct the experiences into a proper re-usable form of a coherent insight.

Experience, unlike knowledge, is acquired through execution of tasks, after which it is tacitly stored and remain ineffable till it is prompted by a related event. The brain manages experience, knowledge, and information quite differently, and are compartmentally processed, shown below.

The brain manages experience, knowledge and information differently, and are compartmentally processed. Their retrieval is a Prompt-Response process.

The retrieval of experience is a Prompt-Response process. Different prompts are needed for different compartment to respond.  Most practiced is the use of query to stimulate the information compartment to respond with facts, but that is about all a query can do; it is not able to solicit response from the other compartments. Similarly, the prompt for knowledge compartment is topic; a topic will activate the knowledge compartment in search of an explanation. Interestingly, the prompt for experience is concept, and the response from the experience compartment manifest itself into insights.

With this understanding, we designed EMAReX to apply the EMARFER Frames to form conceptual prompts to extract the experiences from an experienced individual or a team of experienced individuals to extract their experiences as insights.

This approach allows us to systematically trawl the brain for experience that otherwise remain dormant. Figure 4 illustrates the result of EMAReX with an experienced person. The prompt for each frame is represented by a blue star and the response is represented by the blue circle. The size of the circles represents the depth of experience in the frame. Blank frames with blue stars are frames where there is no experience.

Interestingly, the responses from the experienced person may contain new questions that were not initially thought of, suggesting new insights for investigation, represented by the yellow stars.

EMAReX apply EMARFER Frames to form conceptual prompts to extract experiences as insights.
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