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Introducing EMAReX: 

A Tool for Generating Multiple Perspectives and Harnessing Experience for Transformative Solutions

Effective problem-solving requires a diverse set of perspectives, but many businesses rely on a narrow set of viewpoints. To solve complex problems, multiple perspectives are essential as they bring new insights and ideas that are not possible with a limited set of viewpoints. However, current methods of generating perspectives are limited, and businesses often have to use costly resources to create a diverse team, consult with experts, conduct research or use brainstorming techniques.

To address this problem, we have developed EMAReX, a tool to systematically generate multiple perspectives, harnessing the experience of incumbents who are readily available in-house. EMAReX is designed to systematically prompt an individual or team to explore out of their usual mental box and cover the subject more comprehensively.

As we developed EMAReX, we realised that the brain manages experience, knowledge, and information differently, and they are compartmentally processed. Experience is prompted by concepts and retrieves insights, whereas knowledge is prompted by topics and retrieves explanations. Our tool prompts individuals to extract their experiences and articulate them in a way that others can benefit from.

By using EMAReX, teams can generate insights from their experience and use these insights as concepts to draw out more insights from different experiences. This way, team members achieve a very insightful collective convergence, resulting in a coherent insight of the subject. EMAReX allows businesses to harness the experience of incumbents and combine it with collective knowledge from ChatGPT for transformative solution.

In conclusion, EMAReX is a tool that enables businesses to generate multiple perspectives and harness the experience of incumbents to solve complex problems. The tool promotes effective problem-solving by allowing teams to achieve insightful collective convergence and arrive at a coherent insight of the subject. EMAReX is a cost-effective way of generating multiple perspectives and can be readily available in-house.


A Structured Concept of Concepts for Creative Metacognition

EMARFER, a novel technology of thinking developed by C3S, represents a ground-breaking advancement in the fields of ideation, creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving.


At its core lies EMARFER Frames, a structured concept of concepts that deconstructs outcomes or subjects into a coherent framework of divergent perspectives.


EMARFER Frames generates a structured framework of divergent perspectives for creative metacognition prompts for dormant experience, rejuvenating them into an experiential insight of the outcome to offer comprehensive understanding. 

EMAReFrame systematically generates perspectives that are dimensionally wider, further and more novel by normal standard
EMAReXp perspectives.png

Working with ChatGPT

Generate divergence of perspectives to explore ChatGPT's collective knowledge.

EMARFER Frames offers an effective way to retrieve collective knowledge in ChatGPT by allowing users to query the system with divergent perspectives of a subject, thus expanding the known of the subject. This innovative feature allows users to access ChatGPT's vast knowledge base from a variety of angles, facilitating the expansion of knowledge and the generation of new insights.

EMAReX Suite of Services

Making Team Experiences Come Alive

ReExperienceMyExperience - Conducting experience exchange session

ReExperience MyExperience

Conducting experience exchange session

Facilitator to maintain a team discussion at experience level, coaches the discipline and quality control of the process to result in collective sharing of experiences. 

Structured Experiential Analysis - Forming coherent insights

Structured Experiential Analysis

Forming coherent insights

Develop a single coherent picture from insights extracted from experienced team to enlarge the Known of subject enabling effective collective decisioning. 

Extra-Experiential Analysis - Harvesting insights from other giants

Extra-Experiential Analysis

Harvesting insights from other giants

Jump-start with Virtual Insights from Others with EMAReVi and reformulate the effectiveness of the outcome, with the local insights from the experienced team raises the level of the coherency and richer collective experiential known of the subject. 

Extract your team's experience

Unlock your team's full potential with a single coherent insight!

Achieve team proficiency and consensus with a single coherent insight! Overcome the difficulties of ineffective deliberations and underrepresented experience. Our group consensus approach offers holistic perspectives and a game-changing opening for your business's future. With a common language and collective experience sharing, our product deepens deliberations and shortens consensus time while reducing errors and hidden assumptions. Don't settle for subpar outcomes - trust us for an efficient and effective team experience.

Revolutionary New Method for Capturing Employee Experience: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Team

Are you tired of traditional methods for capturing employee experience that fail to fully represent their skills and knowledge? Look no further! Our innovative method uses a conceptual prism to stimulate the dormant experience related to any subject, providing a comprehensive and accurate picture of employee experience. By leveraging the full potential of your employees, you can maintain your competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment. Let our approach to capturing staff experience using a simple meta-cube enhance your training and development programs and keep you ahead of the competition.

Transform Your Decisions with the Power of Team Experience

In today's competitive business world, companies are expected to make smart, informed decisions that drive growth and success. But the decision-making process can be complex, especially when working with a diverse team. That's where we come in. Our solution helps companies unleash the full potential of their team's collective experience, enabling them to make groundbreaking decisions with ease.

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