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We take a preventive approach to operational resilience. Our method is to continually increase operational resilience by mining beyond the known-knowns Methods and known-knowns Faults into the unknown-unknowns domain to explore vulnerability systematically. Once system vulnerabilities are identified, mitigating actions can then be applied to prevent disruptive failure and cyber incidents.

We developed the C3S Resilience Framework as a concept and framework to analyse and communicate resilience amongst all stakeholders.


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Resilience Framework

A new way of thinking about operational resilience and cyber resilience. It is useful in identifying and representing the dependencies and the inter-dependencies of people, process and technology within business services with a unique focus on continuity of service. 

Operational Resilience

Our approach to operational resilience is preventive. We advocate zero tolerance for disruptions.
We leave no stone unexplored, even if seemingly unimportant. This seemingly unimportant stone, as ICT adopts the characteristics of a complex system, may be the cause of an unexplained major disruption.

C3S is Uniquely Focused on Operational Resilience

Started with the simple intention of maintaining and preserving service continuity and data integrity in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment, C3S systematically mines the transformational ICT landscape and look out for vulnerabilities in ICT deployments that will expose the potential disruptions of current operations. This unique approach achieves high predictive capability in preventing disruptions to attaining corporate mission and objectives.

Resilience Preventive Maintenance

Resilience Preventive Maintenance is to systematically check the proper operation of a mission-critical system especially the proper operation of the failover mechanism. Proper operation of the failover mechanism is essential to the resilience of the mission-critical system as the continuity of operation of the mission-critical system depends on the successful failover from the primary to the secondary should a fault occur in the primary.
In Resilience PM, we introduced the time series data points (dynamic) to widen the net to catch more potential igniting points that could lead to failure.  By this method, we are more assured that the fault-tolerant server is placed even further away from the unexpected point of potential failure.

Resilience Blocks

C3S aims to provide high assurance and quality solutions to our customers in the Asia Pacific to increase their operational resilience. We offer a suite of high-performance building blocks for mission-critical applications. Our integrated systems adhere to the highest standards for responsiveness and availability.

Fault-Tolerant Servers

Low Latency Hardware Message Router

Unified Integration Platform

Mirrored In-Memory Database

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