Resilience Blocks

C3S aims to provide high assurance and quality solutions to our customers in the Asia Pacific to increase their operational resilience. We offer a suite of high-performance building blocks for mission-critical applications. Our integrated systems adhere to the highest standards for responsiveness and availability.

Fault-Tolerant Servers

  • Architecturally redundant design to provide 99.999% uptime

  • Support Windows, Red Hat Linux and VMware operating system

  • No scripting or application modifications needed

  • Failures in server component will not affect the operation

  • In-memory data maintained

  • Support for VMware further reduces the chances of unplanned application failure

  • Single-system view

Low Latency Hardware Message Router

  • An extremely low-latency, hardware-based message router

  • Suitable for the most demanding high-throughput data communications problems

  • Unprecedented availability, manageability, and availability

  • Deployed as the backbone in Finance Markets, Homeland Security Applications and at Top-Tier Websites

  • Supports advanced communication patterns, including Spatial Routing for geography-referenced routing problems

Unified Integration Platform

  • No.1 integration platform for connecting on-premise and cloud applications

  • Used by 35% of the Global 500

  • Pre-built connectivity to over 120 applications

  • Graphical IDE makes every developer an integration developer

  • Open-source core means no vendor lock-in

  • Lightweight and high performance, even on developer laptops

  • Proactive threat management keeps data secure

Mirrored In-Memory Database

  • Ultra-small footprint, in-memory database system (IMDS) designed explicitly for real-time applications

  • Delivers more than 60X speed gain in data response time

  • 87 million transactions per second on a 1.17 terabyte database

  • Fully ACID compliance

  • Embedded option available for special applications

  • Distributed configuration with real-time synchronization

  • Hybrid column-based and row-based data structure for both OLTP and time-series analysis

  • Support KD-tree, R-tree, Patricia tree indexes