Singapore, 9 December 2016

Stratus Appoints C3S as Distributor for Singapore and Indonesia

C3S Stratus Distri Signing 16DEC09

Singapore, 21 October 2016

Prevent technical fault from causing a major business disruption with 4 quadrants of failure management

TC speaking at TradeTech Oct2016

Stratus appoints C3S in Singapore and Indonesia to address the increasingly demanding conditions businesses face – specifically greater pressure to prevent even the smallest amount of application downtime and to ensure data integrity by preventing any data loss.

Creating a highly resilient information and communication (ICT) system for today's always–on business environment means taking steps to ensure data integrity, prevent downtime and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Yet the industry lacks the framework to describe, assess and test the resilient characteristics of an ICT system.

At C3S, we help our clients address this increasingly critical requirement – identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in the ICT system, assess quality. We share our clients' goal of improving resilience.

C3S Founder and Managing Director, YUN Ta Chun, took the audience at TradeTech Asia 2016 on a journey into the microscopic view of the vulnerabilities that disrupt operations in trading systems. He asserted that while faults are inevitable, failures are preventable. Failures and disruptions can be systematically identified and built up into Fault Tree Network. Mr Yun then used the Four Quadrants of Failure Management as a framework for prevention and recovery from faults.

At the booth, C3S presented a systematic and structured methodology for thorough assessment and prevention of ICT failures leading to business disruptions. C3S Resilience Diagnostics enables an organisation to understand their ICT system in a schematic form, and clearly pinpoint the vulnerabilities; these vulnerabilities will be the potential points of failure that will result in business disruptions. The Diagnostics will also suggest ways to mitigate the risks and generate test scenarios for purpose of testing and exercise or simulation of failures.


TradeTech Asia 2016, held in Singapore on 19 - 20 October, was attended by Asia's top buy-side Heads of Trading and Trading Technology leaders.

Singapore, 7 September 2016 

C3S Founder and MD, YUN Ta Chun appointed as an independent expert member of Securities Market Industry Working Group

SGX Singapore Exchange (SGX) formed a Securities Industry Working Group (IWG) to assess and make recommendations on SGX and industry participants' processes to improve the Singapore securities market's operational resilience. (Link to SGX)

This is an honour to C3S, having achieved recognition from the most stringent financial entity in Singapore for the work that we have been focusing for years - ICT Resilience.